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SparkTricity Environmental Policy Statement 

SparkTricity recognises that concern for the environment is fundamental to the way in which itConducts business; and is committed to promoting awareness and a responsible attitude amongstIts employees.
In particular the company will:

Comply with legal requirements, including Codes of Practice and other guidelines; obtain licences (e.g. Waste Carriers) and other authorisations as required in order to comply with appropriate regulations.

B. Make efficient use of energy and natural resources. 

C. Minimise waste and where practicable, ensure that waste products are re-cycled. 

Restrict the use of packaging to a minimum and where practicable, maximise the use of recycled materials.

Controls air, water and noise pollution by the best available techniques not entailing excessive cost.

F. Encourage the efficient and economical use of transport. 

G. Maintain the condition and appearance of Company premises. 

H. Develop and provide products and services that help to conserve energy resources and; have no adverse effect on the environment. 

I. Promote awareness amongst all employees of company environmental policy and ensure their co-operation in implementing these standards and procedures. 

J. Encourage suppliers and customers to increase their awareness of, and improve environmental standards. 

K. Regularly review our environmental standard and procedures, and strive for continuous improvement in our performance, towards a standard which is greater than mere regulatory compliance